"Our thoughts shape the spaces we inhabit, and our spaces return the favor."
Steven Johnson

Geometry of Balance and Symmetry

 A circular geometry reflects the most perfect form in nature and gives protection, renovates the connection to the sacred feminine aspect. Roads and water channels interconnecting outside world with inner parts of the city bring balance to the design, divide into independent neighborhoods and represent the masculine aspect.

The circular layout

To address the problematic configuration of modern cities, ever expanding in unorganized way, where selfish, stick-like buildings absorb energy and emit waste, we envisioned a new organization of the urban grid: six radial slices and six concentric sectors.

The circle is cut by the roads into six radial pieces - slices. Each of six radial section is in nature a small autonomous neighborhood designed for 300 people to live in 1-2 floor houses with gardens. Only one of this sectors is developed at the time and replicated six times to form the entire city.

Six concentric sectors are wrapping around the Central Dome in form of rings. All designated areas are essencial to human existence: personal fulfillment and happy social life.

Design of Circular City following the sacred geometric form of Flower of Life and it's fractal nature. 
AutoCAD design: Shadab Raymand

Circular City R= 3km  (6. Facilities
5. Agroforest R= 1800m
4. Residencial R= 1200m
3. Common Areas R= 600m 
2. Gardens R= 360m (or 240m)
1. Temple+ Plaza R= 120m

0. Temple R= 60m -> D=120m

 The Flower of Life is a fundamental symbol in sacred geometry. It contains all the essential building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic solids. Symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything: we're all built from the same blueprint.

 The Seed of Life is made up of seven overlapping circles with one central. It contains the secret of the seven days of the creation. Symbol of blessing and protection passed through generations.



The Central Dome with Plaza surrounded by colorful gardens and common areas are places for collective experience and gathering. Following residential area and agroforest fulfilling the basic residents needs. Facilities are located in the last ring.

Center of the city - the Temple
First ring Plaza around the Central Dome
Credits for images: Cities: Skylines

Second ring, green belt with parks and canals.

Third ring is a common area designated to schools, hospital,offices, shops, restaurants etc.

Fourth ring is residential area, houses with gardens and parks.

Fifth ring designated for agroforestry systems, aquaponics and sustainable farming. Closed-system food production.

Sixth ring designated for facilities: university, bio-industries, laboratories, energy generation, water and sewage treatment, cemetery, hotels, entertainment.

Six high tech towers are placed around the city to monitor the forest from the outside threats (fire, logging, hunting, mining etc.) and to watch after its general health condition.

Outside it will be 100% protected and wild area 
with diversity of animals and plants.

The concentric distribution of common areas, residential buildings and facilities on the site offers a walking distance between the built environment and plantations. This organization reserves more then two-thirds of the area for a flexible natural space for a variety of activities. To get from one point to another, residents can either walk around or go straight across at every level.

The circular plan offers major benefits and maximum efficiency. Designed to operate with the minimum expenditure of energy using the clean technologies, local resources, implementing Circular Economy principles will allow to coexist in harmony with nature, obtaining the highest possible standard of living for everyone.

This model can be repeated as a whole in a new location or can be implemented single ideas under existing city or community conditions. Able to house up to 2,000 residents, Circular City is a concept that will continually adapt to the dynamics of its unique site and environment conditions like land shape, rivers and lakes, climate conditions, native animals and plants. On the east side is the entrance and on the west is the exit. The city is divided into six radial sectors and six circular belts via roads and water canals avoiding intersections, guarantying smooth communication terrestrial, on the water and aerial. Buildings mostly from local materials, build using simple construction techniques combined together with prefabricated materials and 3D printing technology if available.

Implementing the circular blueprint in the city design, we are  looking for both harmony and the highest efficiency in all aspects.


"How searching forms in nature with subsequent implementation them into architecture helps us to better understand the nature of this world and the reason of all the creation? In the architecture we possess a much smaller set of tools than is in the arsenal of nature, so we can only try to copy the original natural forms, comprehend the laws of formation of these shapes and translate them into common concepts of modern mathematics and geometry.

The laws of geometry and mathematics are valid anywhere in the world, so the exact definition of geometric figures relate to all figures of this type, but how diverse they may be! The method consists in the fact that using the normal orthogonal or radial grid you can see an incredible variety of modifications occurring in nature." [Rafael Araujo]


Apple Park


Credits for image: Rex Features



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