This are six steps to,  in an organic way develop and populate Circular City, growing simultaneously a network of cities with similar purpose: human well-being and preservation of the environment.

1. Design a v
irtual model. Visualize idealized city concept.

2. Choose the strategic location. Open a dialog with local government, organizations and communities representatives. Strategic partnerships.

3. Adapt the Circular City model to local conditions. Design optimization.

4. Develop first radial sector (out of six). Begin settlement with local people and volunteers from all over the world.

5. First sector developed: breakthrough moment in the construction. After reaching 2/3 of human capacity of the sector (200 citizens), it is possible to start to develop second radial sector and find location for other city (following steps from Stage 2).

6. Gradual development and populating of the sectors 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The same time second and third city can be already in the beginning of development.

Circular City is a nonprofit project in benefit of humanity. It is collective and voluntary collaboration to bring a better future in all aspects. If you care about our future and future of the planet and you want to be a part of this transition, then here you can get involved.



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To stabilize the global climate means to conserve and restore Amazon rainforest.