We are redesigning a love story between people and nature in a modern community, where with traditional and simple living close to nature, goes together high specialization and efficiency, achieved with support of newest technology.

Circular City: a model for sustainable settlement - new connection between then and now; between ancient and contemporary.

The survival of human civilisation is threatened. Our planet is now in the midst of what will be known in history as a sixth mass extinction. Billions of populations of animals have been lost in recent decades. We caused unusual climate change and we are exponentially growing as a human population, moving to the cities and exploiting finite natural resources.

In order to survive as a species, we have to urgently rethink and redesign all aspects of our lives.

Only by merging ancient wisdom with modern science we can live in harmony with natural environment, learning, practicing, redesigning and exchanging information, preserving universal values and culture.
Circular City is a nonprofit project and open source model to assist human evolution and conserve Earth's biodiversity.


Circular City Concept:



The Circular City concept brings to life a simplicity of living close to nature with easy access to knowledge and sophisticated technology. Circular are economy, resources management, governance and elegant design. Houses build with low environmental impact and low cost, using local materials of high quality and high durability.


Our masterplan for Circular City is an intelligent system of places for residents to get inspired everyday and for visitors to explore and to learn.

Nature and architecture collaborate to provide shelter and sustenance.


Design is following the sacred geometric form of Flower of Life and it's fractal nature.


City is divided into Six radial modules developed one by one and Six concentric sectors each intended for specific activities.











Circular City Vision:


The vision for the near future is a network of interconnected Circular Cities following the same model and principles, adopted to the local conditions and environment. Cooperating with local communities and government, there is a space for preserving tradition and culture, giving the most of value to people collaborative work and creativity.



Development of circular city gives us experience and knowledge necessary to survive in a closed loop autonomous system

and its a first step to inhabit deserts, oceans and space in artificial satellites, even the Moon.











Humans are in continuous search of perfection. Circular City brings us one step closer to the ideal.

It allows us to unleash the full potential offered by Nature.

Through this tool we can reconstruct sustainable planet with diversity of animals and plants.








UN Sustainable Development Goals

World leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030.

Circular City contributes to all 17 United Nations global goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals, if completed, would mean a better world in essentially every aspect of life.


Circular Cities can change the future of our forests!

"Forest conservation is paramount to the survival of our species and planet. We need to find a fast, sustainable, and far-reaching solution if we want these vital habitats to survive." .

Forests for millennia have been a valuable source of food, water, shelter, and medicine. They are home to over 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and play a vital role in our survival by providing us with breathable air by absorbing atmospheric pollutants and carbon dioxide.

Circular Cities main function is to preserve natural environment and tap it's economy into the infinite forest resources.

There is urgent need to return to live in symbiosis with forests, creating a relationship that benefits

both, the Earth as a living organism and humanity as a whole and our well being.

The key is to recognize the Planet as a friendly environment, to harness the intelligence

of Nature and implement our Science with Technology as a tool.

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