The Future Climate of Amazonia

Scientific Assessment Report: Antonio Donato Nobre

In the great Amazon rainforest, Earth safeguards one of its most spectacular treasures: a profusion of life-forms that inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, transpire water, emit magical odors, remove toxic gases, pulsate and regulate, moisten and make it rain, propel winds and feed aerial rivers, appeasing the fury of the elements, creating an amenable climate both nearby and afar.

Societies sheltered beneath its life-giving breath find in it an umbilical cord that sustains their economies and provides them with well-being. All this makes it necessary, desirable, viable and even profitable to change the modus operandi of human occupation in the Amazon.


Introduction – Forest technology is irreplaceable 9
1) Forests generate a friendly climate: five mysteries clarified 11
1.1) Recycling of moisture: forest geysers 11
1.2) Cloud nucleation: the pixie dust over the green ocean 14
1.3) Biotic moisture pump: donate water to receive rain 15
1.4) Aerial rivers: fresh water through airborne arteries 17
1.5) Wrinkled canopy: wind-break 19
2) Deforestation leads to an inhospitable climate: without trees, the sun cannot be blocked 20
2.1) Virtual deforestation: simulating the annihilation of trees 20
2.2) Real deforestation: eagle eyes in space 22
3) The Achilles’ heel of Amazonia: the invincible hero falls 25
3.1) Point of no return: the misstep into the abyss 25
3.2) Savannization and desertification: extensive or unthinkable damage? 26
4) The future climate of Amazonia: it has already arrived 28
4.1) Climate reciprocity: cumulative deforestation demands immediate payment 29
4.2) Order of urgency: better late than never 30
5) Forests of opportunities: five steps towards climate recovery 32
5.1) Popularize forest science: knowledge is power 32
5.2) Zero deforestation: start yesterday 32
5.3) Put an end to fires, smoke and soot: call the fire department! 33
5.4) Recover deforestation liability: the phoenix rises from the ashes 33
5.5) Governments and society need to wake up: reality shock 34



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